Pinc is a beautiful range of Vitamin B12 enriched products designed to revitalise and hydrate your skin.

Australian made with the knowledge of two Compounding Pharmacists specialising in skincare, Pinc’s collection of specially formulated creams, cleansers, balms and lotions will become your every day way to create a healthier complexion.

Pinc - Our Story

Our Story

What happens when two Australian pharmacists decide to create a skincare range?

They look to formulas passed down from original apothecary handbooks, writings from dermatologists and naturally derived ingredients.

They listen to the skincare concerns of thousands of customers from working for over 20 years as compounding pharmacists.

And they respond with treatments designed for Australian conditions.

Pinc’s innovative range of skincare products is locally owned and made in response to our environment. It’s committed to creating healthier and more hydrated skin for everyone.

Pinc - Why Pinc

Pinc is pink?

Why Pinc? Because the major active ingredient in our skincare range is Vitamin B12 – naturally pink, making our products naturally pink too.

Vitamin B12 packs a potent hydrating punch, helping heal damaged and dry skin, revitalising and hydrating like no other.

Pinc - Products


Pinc - Customer Comments

Customer Comments

I have used a variety of face creams and body lotions over the years. I find Pinc’s range of moisturizers to be the best because they are able to prevent my skin from dehydrating throughout the day without the greasy feeling on my skin.


When I first tried Pinc I couldn’t believe how quickly it absorbed into my skin. I love how light it feels but still so moisturising. I will never buy any other cream for my skin again!! I am really excited about trying the body lotion, and face and body wash….

Sharon Portsea

I suffer from psoriasis and have used different creams for moisturising for 30yrs. For the last 3yrs I have only used Pinc cream because it is by far the best. It is light, absorbent, clean, non-irritating, non greasy and a small amount lasts a long time.

MeyerMiddle Park

The Pinc face cream and wash were gentle plus moisturising with no film that covered my skin, and also doesn't leave my skin feeling tight like many other products I have tried. Definitely worth a try if you have sensitive skin.


I used the cleansing wash for my baby's bath as his nappy rash was extremely red and sore and I liked the idea of natural ingredients used to make this a natural wash, free from detergents.

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