Pinc is proudly Australian made for Australian conditions.

With a chemists understanding of active ingredients and how they can combat the every day effects of our weather, water, humidity and other environmental conditions, Pinc’s skincare products are carefully formulated to deliver maximum results.

And because Pinc’s products are free from harsh detergents, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, parabens, triethanolamine, triclosan, sulphates and paraffins, the naturally occurring pink colour assures you they’re packed full of Vitamin B12.

Take a look at the powerful active ingredients infused into Pinc’s skincare.

Pinc - Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12


A treatment vitamin when applied to dry skin slows the dehydration process. When used in a certain concentration, this potent vitamin will improve clarity, redness, itching and hydration. Powerfully pink in colour our Pinc products are pink as a result.

Pinc - Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3


 A potent vitamin which in adequate doses may improve the skin’s barrier function and elasticity by increasing ceramides at the skin surface and reduce water loss. It can help erase discolouration and hyperpigmentation, revive tone, texture and elasticity and aid in sebum control. Niacinamide covers off many conditions.

It’s a wonderful super nutrient which works synergistically with Vitamin B12 for maximum benefit. A must for every day use.

Vitamin B5


Increases lubrication and hydration to the skin increasing the skins luminosity.

Pinc - Olive Butter

Olive Butter

With enormous emollient capacity, olive butter is the highest grade of the olive oil with high flavonoids and vitamins. It makes our products super smooth.

Pinc - Hyaluonate

Hyaluronic Acid

A naturally produced product by the body, this amazing polymer can absorb up to 1000x its weight in water delivering amazing hydration to the skin. This will act as a super sponge delivering water into those lower layers of the dermis which are responsible for holding your entire skin together. Pinc contains a type of Hyaluronic Acid whose molecular size means that it can work on different levels within the skin to increase hydration and plumping.

Pinc - Medilan Ultra


This is the world’s purest grade of medical lanolin. Free from all chemicals and impurities, it contains lipid emollients whose reparative effects remain unrivalled in nature. Especially formulated for super sensitive skins its hydration capabilities benefit really problem skin hence it is used often in wound healing.

Pinc - Medilan Ultra


Sourced from olives, this is a natural humectant and emollient giving the skin added suppleness and lipid barrier protection.

Pinc - Customer Comments

Pracaxi Oil

Pracaxi oil promotes cellular renewal and hydration. An ingredient high in essential fatty acids, it works to enhance cellular healing giving a smooth and glowing appearance to the face.

Pinc - Medilan Ultra

PINC Products have

No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
No Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)
No Synthetic Fragrance
No Harsh Detergents
No Artificial Colours
No Triethanolamine
No Parabens 

Not Tested on Animals

Customer Comments

I have used a variety of face creams and body lotions over the years. I find Pinc’s range of moisturizers to be the best because they are able to prevent my skin from dehydrating throughout the day without the greasy feeling on my skin.


When I first tried Pinc I couldn’t believe how quickly it absorbed into my skin. I love how light it feels but still so moisturising. I will never buy any other cream for my skin again!! I am really excited about trying the body lotion, and face and body wash….

Sharon Portsea

I suffer from psoriasis and have used different creams for moisturising for 30yrs. For the last 3yrs I have only used Pinc cream because it is by far the best. It is light, absorbent, clean, non-irritating, non greasy and a small amount lasts a long time.

MeyerMiddle Park

The Pinc face cream and wash were gentle plus moisturising with no film that covered my skin, and also doesn't leave my skin feeling tight like many other products I have tried. Definitely worth a try if you have sensitive skin.


I used the cleansing wash for my baby's bath as his nappy rash was extremely red and sore and I liked the idea of natural ingredients used to make this a natural wash, free from detergents.